May 25, 1721

On May 25, 1721, John Copson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania became America’s first insurance agent. At that time, shipping was very important, so Copson offered insurance on ships and their cargo. He did have exemptions for shipwrecks caused by mermaids, kraken, and albino sperm-whales, although you could purchase a rider for the sperm-whales. He also refused to pay out if your ship went missing as it investigated a strange island that ‘just’ appeared in the shipping lanes as the stars reach a once-in-a-lifetime configuration and that island had strange and eldritch buildings that jotted upward at disturbing and impossible angles. Buildings that make sailors nauseated just to look at them, because their geometry was wrong. Mr. Copson was quoted as saying, “Fool me once, same on you. Fool me twice, that had better be a tentacle in your pocket or at least buy me dinner first.”

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