History, it’s what I twist, you know? It’s like when you finally find out the Easter Bunny is real and Santa Claus hates his rabbit guts because that hippity-hoppity over-sexed rodent is now shacked up with Mrs. Claus in Miami and they’re selling black market Viagra out of the trunk of his 1986 Audi Quattro. It’s like that, except with… history.


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  1. Drunk Commenter says:

    You kno what? Yknow what? I’m done being disapointed becuase your not making anynew twisting history! DON!

    I don’t neede you! I can twist my OWN histoyry! Just watchme!

    OJ, OK, her eI go.

    Today is what like Januaryor some thing? Hanuary, January, Janauray. OK, I got it.

    On this days in twisty hoistory, Quueen Elzibeth was crwonsnwn Queen of England and, uh, she got her crown stuuck onher head! HA! Thay tried and treied and it would’nt come off sho they let her keep it and thats hwo she became the Queen!

    See? This is too eeeasy. A train monkey coulddo it!

    OK. another one.

    On today of twisted history, there was a grate molasss floog in Boston. What made it worse was, uh, uh, if it had just happen sooner it would been durign the great pancake flood one month earlyer! HA! But they all ready clean up all the pancakes bythe time the molass es floods. Too badf!

    I can’t believ how easy this is and I dont know why your not doing it any more! Not that we need to. because I can totally do it wiihtout you! TOTLLY!

    Pleease come back. PLEAS?

    I kno what I said befor byut I’m drunk so what do I know.

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