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2 Responses to Credits

  1. Sandy says:

    Again, your site rocks!!!!!!!

  2. Drunk Commenter says:

    Dear Twistsing History,

    Its been like a whole bunhc of months now and NO HISTORY!!! How is that even do that? I mean are we suppose to? I now I can’t, and I tried to.

    Your fans count on you to twist us historyand your letting us down man!

    We do are part. 1. I get drunk.sometimes even more drunk. b. we come here to see what funny you put up forto day. 2. we read it and laugh. Thats our job and wed oit! I ven drink more drunk after too some time too!

    But now theres not here. No nw twistinghistory. No funny to laug hat. WHAT ARE WE SPPOSED TO DO?

    I guess i’ll just get som more drunk, so I guess its not all bad LOL. :))

    It is thogh that was a joke. We need you back man, seriously we do.

    I wansn joke about getting ommr drunk thoguh just the not bad part, that was the joke. I reely an goingto get mor drunk, i mean what else have I got tod o? sins I dont have any funny twistory to read.

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