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May 27, 1961

Today, May 27, 1961, it is believed that the first black light was sold commercially to the general public. There is no confirmation of when, where, or to whom the black light was sold. Which is appropriate, as this sale… Continue reading

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November 1, 1884

On November 1, 1884, the Gaelic Athletic Association was established in a meeting at Hayes’ Hotel located at Thurles in County Tipperary. Michael Cusack was credited as the founder of the association. His objective was to promote Irish games and sports. While the Thursday night pub crawl was at that time an honored tradition, it … Continue reading

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September 9, 1908

On September 9, 1908, Orville Wright made the first 1 hour airplane flight at Fort Myer, Virginia. A gin and tonic was $2.00, but the peanuts and pretzels were added at no charge. Mr. Wright did complain that there was no overhead space to store his carry-on luggage.

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May 25, 1721

On May 25, 1721, John Copson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania became America’s first insurance agent. At that time, shipping was very important, so Copson offered insurance on ships and their cargo. He did have exemptions for shipwrecks caused by mermaids, kraken, and albino sperm-whales, although you could purchase a rider for the sperm-whales. He also refused … Continue reading

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