January 8, 1901

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 1901, the first tournament sanctioned by the American Bowling Congress was held in Chicago, IL. The ‘rule’ of taking a drink every time your team made a strike was unanimously adopted without any debate.

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One Response to January 8, 1901

  1. 1st American Bowling League says:

    I need to mention one minor point with regards to your fine article:

    Although it is true that there was no debate over the drink-when-your-team-gets-a-strike rule, there was actually a great deal of disagreement over the drinking rules in general.

    The initial rules called for drinking on every strike, spare, gutter ball, bathroom break and any score with the number ‘3’ in it. It immediately became obvious, however, that under these rules, everyone would quickly become too drunk to actually roll the ball. Unfortunately, at that point, someone suggested a take-a-drink-whenever-someone-is-too-drunk-to-roll-the-ball rule, then someone countered with a take-drink-whenever-someone-proposes-a-rule rule… and the whole thing pretty much dissolved into chaos.

    Somehow we got through it though and the glorious sport of Bowling was born!

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