January 9, 1986

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 1986, Kodak got out of the instant camera business after 10 years due to a loss in a court battle that claimed that Kodak had copied Polaroid patents. Polaroid claimed it was a victory that would protect their patents for the next hundred years and keep cheaters like Kodak from profiting from others’ technologies. In 1991, Kodak being selling ‘digital cameras’ that eventually took over the ‘instant’ camera market-share by 1997 and put dinosaurs like Polaroid into the fossil records of photographs, like daguerreotypes and ambrotypes.

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  1. Visitor from 2247 says:

    Ironically, it would eventually be a small Neurotech company that was once part of a company that was once part of the, now defunct, Polaroid corporation that would mark the demise of digital photography (and with it, Kodak), when they patented the ThinkPic, in the mid 21st century.

    Of course, it’s absolutely vital that no one in your time becomes aware of this information, as the potential consequences of such future knowledge could be dire. In fact, if the Time Police had any idea that I was here, they would probably erase–

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