October 2, 1851

On October 2, 1851, French occultist Jacques-Toussaint Benoit built and tested a pasilalinic-sympathetic compass. Benoit claimed that when snails mated, they formed a permanent telepathic link and that link based upon animal magnetism would work instantly, wirelessly, over any distance and be more reliable than a telegraph. When Benoit tested the device, he had two assistants sending and receiving messages between the snails. Unfortunately, Mr. Benoit and his assistants were French and apparently the snail were German, so the messages were constantly garbled. Also, the messages were garbled because there was no such thing as telepathy or animal magnetism and Benoit was running a scam because his benefactor, Monsieur Triat, was demanding results or he was going to cut off his funding. So, a pasilalinic-sympathetic compass isn’t a real thing and even in 1851, actually testing pseudo-science showed it to be false.

The snails were later quoted as saying, “Wir haben nicht gefickt. Wir haben es beide vorgetäuscht.” Share Twisted-History to send us a telepathic message. No horny snails required.

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