May 2, 1923

On May 2, 1923, Washington Senator, Walter Johnson pitched his 100th shutout, beating the New York Yankees 3-0. A pitcher records a shutout when he pitches the entire game and does not allow the opposing team to score. Walter Johnson holds the Major League record of 110 career shutouts. No one else has pitched more than 90, which is still a whole hellavu lot. It should also be noted that the Washington Senators were not great teams during Johnson’s 21 year career. He also holds the record for losing the most shutouts. He lost 65 games during his career because his team couldn’t score a run, with 26 of those games being lost 0-1. He also holds the record for most games won 1-0, with 38. Walter Johnson WAS the Washington Senators when he played. If Walter Johnson had pitched for the Yankees during his career, he’d probably would have won over 500 games.

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