May 3, 1952

On May 3, 1952 history recorded that Lieutenant Colonel Joseph O. Fletcher and Lieutenant Colonel William P. Benedict of the US Airforce landed a ski-modified C-47 at the geographic North Pole. History also notes that Fletcher climbed out of the plane and walked to the exact geographic North Pole. What history didn’t note was how the elves of Santa’s Irregular 3rd Division of Marine and Polar Warfare were able to repulse and send the invaders packing. Fletcher was unofficially quoted as saying, “Those little red-cap wearing ass-holes were armed with Gatlin guns that fired sharpened peppermint sticks and coal. Benedict almost got lost an eye, because of those little jerks.” Dean Acheson, the US Secretary of State was quickly able to contact Santa and get everything sorted out, but Fletcher and Benedict were sacrificed for the good of the country. They were put on the ‘Naughty List” for life.

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