June 23, 1961

On June 23, 1961, the Antarctic Treaty was signed, thereby ensuring that the southern most continent would only be used for peaceful purposes and scientific research. Professors Dyer and Lake of Arkham-Miskatonic University were fundamental in persuading the leading nations of the world in agreeing to this treaty. Being the sons of the unfortunate leaders of the Arkham-Miskatonic Joint Antarctic Exploration of 1930, they felt the undiscovered graves of their fathers would be better suited for continued exploration and scientific pursuit, instead of a land-grab for oil, minerals, or rare ores. Both Professors Dyer and Lake were funding eminent treks inland, as they had both received word of possible hieroglyphic murals discovered on one of the plateaus in the upper reaches of the Transantarctic Mountain Range, when they received word of the treaty being signed. Regrettably for the star-crossed scientists, both of their expeditions into the interior of Antarctica disappeared, just like their fathers’.

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One Response to June 23, 1961

  1. Kim Trells says:

    You mean the Perpetuate The Globist Lie Treaty? If there wasn’t already enough proof of the conspiracy to hide the Truth about the shape of the Earth, this “treaty” clinched it. What other reason could there be for every “country” to sign on to keep everyone away from the so-called “interior” of Antarctica?

    If you weren’t so busy shilling for N.A.S.A. and their Globist Religion, you’d realize that the real reason nobody’s ever been to the “interior” of Antartica is because there isn’t one. The Ice Wall marks the edges of the world and it is not possible to go beyond that. The fictional “interior” is just a way reshaping the real map to fit the Bogus “globe”.

    WAKE UP! The TRUTH is right in front of you, if you just use your brians!

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