June 24, 1128

On June 24, 1128, Afonso I of Portugal had a day. If you’ve ever thought your relationship with your mother was bad, just be thankful it was nothing like the stab in the gut between Afonso I and his mother, Countess Teresa of Leon. In 1112 CE, Teresa’s husband and Afonso’s father, Henry of Burgundy died. For the next 16 years, Teresa would rule the County of Portugal as the Countess of Portugal. Why not as the Queen? Because at that time, Portugal was still part of Hispania. In 1121, Teresa looking to expand her influence and power, hooked up with Fernando Peres de Trava of Galicia. Fernando became the del facto ruler of Portugal and the number one object of distaste of Afonso, son of Teresa. In 1128, when Afonso was 19 years old, he decided that his mother’s decisions were wrong and he revolted. He was unhappy with his mother’s alliance with the nobles of Galicia and he really didn’t like his mother’s boyfriend, Count Fernando Peres de Trava. It all came to a head on June 24, 1198 at the Battle of Sae Mamede. The forces of Afonso defeated the combined forces of his mother and her lover, Fernando Peres. Afonso became the sole ruler of Portugal and named himself, Prince of Portugal and would eventually become King. Yes, he was the first King of Portugal. What happened to Fernando Peres and Teresa of Leon? Afonso led them, and his half-brothers and sisters, to Galicia where he exiled them. So, no matter how bad and sucky your mother and her new boyfriend is, at least you aren’t having to lead an army against them to get your room back.

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