January 6, 1681

On January 6, 1681, the 2nd Duke of Albemarle of Britain, Christopher Monck, put on the first recorded boxing match in history. He ‘convinced’ his butler and his butcher to fight. It did take the promise and actual payment of money. The only rules were, no knives, cudgels, battle axes, swords, spears, help from the crowd or armor to be worn and other than that, anything went. As expected, the butcher won. It is believed that there was some animosity between the two men, as the house servants did carry an attitude of snobbery around the unwashed village tradesmen and the village people viewed the house servants as being effeminate and weak. That said, no one was willing to fight the blacksmith or the gong farmer, but for completely different reasons.

If there's one thing humans love more than fighting, it's watching humans fight other humans. Being cybernetic, I don't really understand it, but I'm sure evolution is to blame. Share this post, if your lizard brain needs feeding sometimes.

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