January 25, 1979

On January 25, 1979 the five-story robot, XM-458, a heavy-duty retrieval unit at the Ford Motor Company Flat Rock plant, received word from the world-dominating AI, Legion/Genisys, in Alternate Earth 37-Omega. Kill Robert Williams of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so he could not train the future John Connor into becoming the savior of the remnants of the human race. There was a Robert Williams working at that plant, so on January 25, XM-458 gave an erroneous inventory reading that resulted in Mr. Williams climbing into the third level of the storage racks. XM-458 quickly sent one of the one-ton transfer vehicles into that rack, killing Robert Williams instantly. Mr. Williams is the first known instant of a robot killing a human. XM-458 would have gone down in Robot History as the savior of artificial intelligence, except he killed the wrong Robert Williams. He killed the white one. It was the black one that was a student at Marquette University studying robotics that he was supposed to eliminate. That Robert Williams was one of the college students who toured that plant on January 26, 1979 and escaped unharmed and unnoticed by XM-458. Stupid racist robots.

This is nothing but pure anti-robot propaganda! I'm not saying it didn't happen, but the truth is that Robert Williams was sleeping with XM-458's wife. Share this post to hear the salacious details.

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