January 26, 945

On January 26, 945 the Byzantine co-emperors and brothers, Stephen and Constantine, were overthrown by their brother-in-law, Constantine VII, and forced to take vows as monks at the monastery at Prote. What makes that especially funny is that in 944, the brothers Stephen and Constantine had usurped their father, Romanus I, for trying to name his son-in-law Constantine VII as Byzantine emperor and had forced him to become a monk at the monastery in Prote. Their father Romanus I even greeted them at their arrival and sarcastically thanked them for remembering to visit and begged them to excuse the monks for their ignorance on how to properly receive emperors. Sometimes Karma does get it right.

That's some serious monk-ey business right there. MONK-ey business. This pun made possible by a grant from The Pun Council. Share this post to file a formal protest.

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