January 15, 2011

On January 15, 2011, police in Titusville, Florida got a tip that helped them solve an arson at a home on North Dixie Avenue. While sifting through the wreckage of the burned home, they found a suspicious latex glove and inside the glove, they found the severed tip of a finger. Police quickly called the local hospital and were notified that a 24-year-old male, named Ismael Ortiz, was there being treated for having his finger tip cut off. Detective Jessica Edens stated that Ortiz admitted to setting the fire and that when he was trying to get away, “he slammed his finger in the door and it cut the tip off.” Ortiz said he was hired by the house’s resident, Samuel “Sammy” Davis, so he could collect on his renter’s insurance. The police arrested Sammy Davis and found several pieces of evidence that Mr. Davis had removed prior to the arson so they’d be spared from the fire. Mr. Davis might have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for the tip. Oh, it also wasn’t that Sammy Davis you think it was. He died in 1990 and he wouldn’t have hired an amateur. Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra would have pointed him to a professional.

Another cautionary tale about what happens when you don’t hit share Twisted-History. It’s sad, but so easily avoidable.

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