August 2, 1939

On This Date in in 1939 Albert Einstein signed a letter to President Roosevelt urging the U.S. to start an atomic weapons research program. He thought that science had progressed to the point where bombs could be built that would have damage potential beyond anything mankind had experience up to that time. He also stated that he believed that the Germans were also researching the possibility of converting uranium into bombs. Aleister Crowley was also at this same time penning a letter to Winston Churchill insisting that more money should be spent on occult research, as he believed that the Nazis were pulling ahead in the magical arms race. Being the time that it was, both men were listened to by their countries’ leaders, but the US did eventually build an atomic bomb while Aleister Crowley spent his money on hookers and drugs. Of course the US spent WAY more money on Einstein’s idea while Churchill gave Crowley just enough money to keep him out of the real War Efforts way.

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  1. Refuge from an Alternate Reality says:

    In my timeline, the atomic bomb program was an abject failure, but Britain’s Ashdown Project successfully summoned a 9th Circle Demon and effectively ended the war.

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