April 9, 1872

On April 9, 1872 Samuel R. Percy received a US patent for dried milk. This was a huge scientific invention in a time before wholesale refrigeration. Armies, prospectors, naval ships, and the poor finally had access to a milk substitute that was nutritious, light, and could be stored for months at a time. Mr. Percy was satisfied with his second attempt at drying milk to a powdered form. His first, secretive attempt was to breed cows that were naturally dehydrated and would give the milk in powdered form. He was unsuccessful in his attempt to create this new breed of cattle called Dehydracius Cottonmouthicus Bos Taurus. By the time he would get them to a stage where they would give powdered milk, a gust of wind would pop up and scatter his herd across three or four different states. His decision to concentrate his efforts and energy to reducing the milk to a powdered form by removing the water from the milk proved more successful.

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