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May 29, 1827

On May 29, 1827, the first nautical school opened in Nantucket, Maine, under the name of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin’s Lancasterian School. Classes included “How to Talk Like a Pirate”, “Making Mysterious Comments While Drinking Grog in a Darkened Seaside Pub”, “Learning to Walk With a Peg-Leg”, “Parrot Care 101” and “Booty, the Maintenance and … Continue reading

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January 17, 1984

On January 17, 1984, the US Supreme Court ruled (5-4) that private use of home VCRs to tape TV programs for later viewing did not violate federal copyright laws, thereby preventing every current and future American from becoming a felon. Chief Justice Warren Burger said that turning an entire generation of Americans into pirates over … Continue reading

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