October 5, 1974

On October 5, 1974, American David Kunst completed the first independently verified walk around the world on foot. The journey included trekking across four continents (North America, Europe, Asia and Australia) and consisted of 14,450 miles. He wore through 21 pairs of shoes, had his brother killed by bandits in Afghanistan and found his future wife in Australia. This was an amazing and heartbreaking journey and Mr. Kunst should be remembered for his achievement.

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One Response to October 5, 1974

  1. Thomas "Babe" Levy says:

    I enjoy running (and walking) as much as anybody, but I have to say having your brother killed to win a race is pretty hardcore. I am left with some questions though:

    1. How did he convince the bandits to do the deed for him?
    2. Was his future wife involved?
    3. What did his brother do to end up on his hit list?
    4. “Is it safe?” (asking for a friend)

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