November 19, 1095

On This Date in! in 1095 AD, Pope Urban II called the Council of Clermont, which had the purpose of organizing the First Crusade to free Jerusalem and the Holy Lands from the Islam Menace. Pope Urban II told the kings of the Western countries that he didn’t expect the Crusade to last more than a year or two, as the people of the Holy Lands would greet the Crusaders as liberators. When the kings of France and England raised their eyebrows in disbelief, Pope Urban went on to say how the Moslem Overlords also had built up huge treasuries of gold, silver, and gems and how these treasuries also needed liberating and he then threw out the comment, “And did I mention the harems of hot women that also need liberating?” and with that the Western world of 1095AD decided that the Holy Lands needed saving.

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