May 26, 946

Today, May 26, 946 CE, King Edmund I of England was murdered. According to the chronicler John of Worcester, a convicted outlaw named Leofa attacked an unnamed seneschal of Edmund’s during a celebration of St. Augustine’s Mass Day at Pucklechurch in Gloucestershire, England. Edmund was stabbed to death by Leofa when he came to the aid of the seneschal. Now, much later, a few scholars believe that the sketchy details of the unnamed seneschal and a conveniently placed ‘outlaw’ doesn’t ring true. They believe that Edmund was assassinated by political rivals. There was a second stabber and there was a coverup. So, even 1,300 years ago, the people in charge were spinning the truth to tell a story that benefited the ones in power. Different millennial, same old story.

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