June 9, 1910

On June 9, 1910, a passenger on the steamship Arawatta threw a bottle with a note overboard. It was found on June 6, 1983 in Queensland. The note read,

Dear recipient of this note. I know gREatjeHOsaPHAt is your password for your safety deposit box. You do not know me and you are probably thinking why are you getting this note in a bottle, yes? I placed a spy in your bank and that spy was able to observe the French postcards and photographs you are keeping in your safety deposit box. Oooh lala. My spy has taken the time to list and photograph all of the lascivious postcards and photographs of naked and wanton women you have in your safety deposit box. You bad boy. What exactly should you do? Well, I believe a one-time payment of 500 pounds is a reasonable price tag to keep our little secret. Just put the money in an envelope and mail it to the Post Office Box 1313, Lagos, Southern Nigeria. You should mail it today. If I do not receive the envelope within a reasonable amount of time, I will mail out copies of your fancy French women to your relatives, co-workers, pastor, and grandmother. This is a non-negotiable offer, so do not waste my time or yours by replying to this message in a bottle. Unless you are interested in helping me transfer money from my Nigerian bank account to yours. Being that I am a Nigerian Prince and the British Government has confiscated my wealth, I could use your help in extracting my gold from the Nigerian National Bank. By helping me transfer the money, $2,300,000 in British Pounds, I will be happy to allow you to keep a 15% transfer fee. Sincerely, Prince Jerome Hyde-Sterling Adeyemi.

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