June 1, 1896

On June 1, 1896, the first recorded automobile theft happened in Paris, France. Early automobile enthusiast Baron de Zuylen’s Peugot went missing. He’d taken it to the manufacturer for repairs and the mechanic, after fixing it, drove it like he stole it to the nearby town of Asnieres. As a matter of fact, he did steal it. Unfortunately for him, in 1896 there weren’t that many automobiles in the world, so it was easy for the police to find it. It was subsequently recovered and returned to the Baron. The name of the thief and his reason for stealing the car were not recorded, but since gasoline was not being sold at every corner store in 1896, it is wondered how the mechanic planned on continually driving the car, or was it a theft where he planned to immediately resale it? Since it wasn’t considered important enough to record, we’ll never know now.

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