April 24, 1895

On April 24, 1895, American Joshua Slocum started his journey that would see him finish the first solo circumnavigation of the world. He left Boston, Massachusetts in his sloop, the “Spray” and sailed single-handed around the world. He stopped at many of the ports around the world, met people and mailed letters back to friends and family. More than three years later on June 27, 1898, he sailed into Newport, Rhode Island and completed his trip of over 46,000 miles, proving once again that the world is round. Every intelligent person in 1898 did not doubt that Mr. Slocum completed this journey. Unfortunately, since the invention of the internet, there are many, pseudo-intelligent people who claim not only that Mr. Slocum didn’t sail around the world, but that he couldn’t, as they believe the world is flat. People can be so stupid just because they want to believe in an implausible conspiracy.

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