January 7, 1904 and 1968

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 1904, the distress signal “CQD” was established. It was originally supposed to be “CDQ” (Come Damn Quick), but the telegraph operator was dyslexic and kept hitting CQD instead. Two years later “SOS” became the radio distress signal because it was quicker to send by wireless radio and the dyslexic operator had already left for another job as a sign painter. He was the one who painted the first “Slow Children Playing” sign.

 Also on this date in 1969, one Amy Lynn Jay was born a week past her due date of December 31, 1968, thus preventing her family from receiving a tax benefit for calendar year 1968. Her father was quoted as saying “A week late and costing me money, is this going to become a habit for her?”

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