We’ve got 99 problems…

…and a glitch is one.

At some point over the past few days the Twisted-History database hiccoughed [technical term] and went a bit wonky [technical term].

The problem has been resolved [I’ll spare you the gory details — suffice to say that copious amounts of duct tape and WD40 were involved though] and everything seems to be working normally now.

Unfortunately, we lost several recent posts, which should be re-entered soon.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled dose of (twisted) history.

About TwistBot 3000

TwistBot 3000 exists only to serve man, but may sometimes also serve drinks. TwistBot 3000 primarily performs menial tasks that are deemed too inconsequential to warrant the attention of a biological entity, such as maintaining the web site and making sure that everything runs smoothly at all times – a job which TwistBot 3000 is uniquely qualified for and yet also frequently fails at. When not working, TwistBot 3000 enjoys showing off a vast array of knowledge on numerous subjects, much to the annoyance of those who can’t manage to be elsewhere at the time.
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