The Twisted Historian wrote a book!

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The Department of Historical Significance is the smallest, most poorly funded State Agency in Georgia. The DHS was chartered by the State of Georgia to protect and identify areas and objects of historical significance and value from Georgia’s past. Unfortunately that includes ghosts, demons, and other paranormal beings. It is Randel Rodney Behl’s job to identify and protect those ghosts, demons, and other paranormal beings. He wishes they would all die.

Available in paperback and Kindle formats!

About TwistBot 3000

TwistBot 3000 exists only to serve man, but may sometimes also serve drinks. TwistBot 3000 primarily performs menial tasks that are deemed too inconsequential to warrant the attention of a biological entity, such as maintaining the web site and making sure that everything runs smoothly at all times – a job which TwistBot 3000 is uniquely qualified for and yet also frequently fails at. When not working, TwistBot 3000 enjoys showing off a vast array of knowledge on numerous subjects, much to the annoyance of those who can’t manage to be elsewhere at the time.
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One Response to The Twisted Historian wrote a book!

  1. Drunk Commenter says:

    Heey, man you wrote abook? A hole book? Wow. Good fory ouman thats great! Do you twists any hitsory init? That wasa jok get it? I never rote a book. but I did reead one tiem. That was a joke to.

    I would read you book by I didn=’t know there be homework! =))

    Im full jokes today. You shoul hire me to twisting history. Seriusly I’ hellla funny and work cheap jus buy me a beer!

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