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March 15, 2002

On March 15, 2002, Burger King did the unthinkable in the United States. It began selling a veggie burger. It did exactly what you think it would. It didn’t sell. People who went to Burger King for the Whopper and instead tried the veggie burger said it tasted like what you’d feed the burger and … Continue reading

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December 22, 1731

On December 22, 1731, the Dutch people revolted against their government because of a tax on meat. This is something you’ll never hear citizens doing when broccoli or cauliflower is taxed. In fact, most citizens would be grateful if our governments put a burdensome tax on ‘fake’ meats, just so the vegetarians and vegans would … Continue reading

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August 8, 1894

On August 8, 1894, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his brother, Will Keith Kellogg accidentally invented Corn Flakes. They found that the new invention was a welcome addition to the vegetarian diet of Dr. Kellogg’s patients at Battle Creek Sanitarium. Dr. Kellogg fervently believed that the cereal would help reduce the urge of his patients … Continue reading

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