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May 9, 1994

On May 9, 1994, South African civil rights activist, Nelson Mandela, was elected as South Africa’s first black president. This surprised many people as they firmly remember him dying in prison in the 1980s. They claim that his twelve disciples abandoned him just before his death and that the South African Apartheid government placed his … Continue reading

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December 25, 1223

On December 25, 1223. St. Francis of Assisi got permission from the Pope, Honorious III, and set up the first Nativity scene in Greccio, Italy. He found a suitable cave and set up a manger with hay and two live animals, an ox and an ass. He then invited the nearby villagers to come and … Continue reading

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February 4, 1866

On February 4, 1866, the future founder of the Church of Christ, Scientists, Mary Baker Eddy, believed her injured back was healed by opening her Bible and reading scripture. This is the watershed moment that put Mary Baker Eddy onto the path of establishing the Christian Science religion.  The doctor who examined Mary after her … Continue reading

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