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SantaCo: December 2022

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May 3, 1952

On May 3, 1952 history recorded that Lieutenant Colonel Joseph O. Fletcher and Lieutenant Colonel William P. Benedict of the US Airforce landed a ski-modified C-47 at the geographic North Pole. History also notes that Fletcher climbed out of the plane and walked to the exact geographic North Pole. What history didn’t note was how … Continue reading

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March 20, 1885

On March 20, 1885, Jan Matzeliger of Lynn, Massachusetts patented the shoe lacing machine. He’d previously patented a machine that manufactured shoes, putting thousands of gnomes out of business. When Quamorra Leathertack of the International Brotherhood of Gnomist Machinists and Leatherworkers was informed of the shoe lacing machine, he lost it. He was quoted as … Continue reading

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March 4, 2008

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com! in 2008, Gary Gygax the creater of Dungeons and Dragons died at the age of 69. Contrary to conservative southern preachers, the devil did not show up in person to collect his soul. He sent his minions Orcus and Juiblex. Gygax died at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and … Continue reading

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