September 25, 1066

On September 25, 1066, Anglo-Saxon King Harold II of England defeated the invading Norwegians at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Harold’s army was able to rout the Norwegians and kill their king, King Harald Hardrada and Harold II’s brother, Tostig. This brought about lasting peace for England and Harold for a full two weeks. After destroying the invading Norwegians, Harold had to marched his tired army south to face William the Conqueror at Hastings, where bully boy William killed him on October 14, 1066 and took control of England. In war and the game of Risk, it’s never about fairness, it’s all about the last man standing.

According to a researcher at MIT, contrary to popular wisdom, the best strategy for winning Risk is to play defensively and go for the smaller, easier-to-defend continents first. So, Share Twisted-History to go after Australia.

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