September 24, 1890

On September 24, 1890, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints officially renounced polygamy. The church elders said that the fantasy of multiple wives jumping to the beck and call of one husband was just that, a stupid fantasy. They said it was actually work, hard work, just trying to find a place away from all of the noise and anger and infighting and SCREAMING, SQUALLING KIDs. DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD constantly demanding your time and attention. Many of the church elders were having second, third and fourth thoughts about Moroni actually telling Joseph Smith it was okay to have multiple wives. They think Moroni actually said DON’T have multiple wives and Joseph Smith misheard it or lied about it because he was young and horny. Polygamy, it’s a young person’s game. Once your knees and backs give out, it’s time to settle down.

I try not to judge, but I really don’t understand the appeal of multiple partners. I can run 37 concurrent sub-processes at once, but I still prefer to connect to just one network at a time (if you know what I mean). Anything else is just too exhausting. Share Twisted-History to choose your ideal number of partners.

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