September 21, 1915

On September 21, 1915, British millionaire Cecil Chubb was attending an auction that the Antrobus family had put on following the death of the last surviving male Antrobus heir. While there, he was able to purchase an item for £6,600 (around $800,000 in American dollars today) that he thought his wife, Mary Bella Alice Finch Chubb, was going to adore. When he got home, he told her, “Mary Bella Alice, I’ve just purchased you a huge rock for £6,600.” She was ecstatic and wanted to see it. When he told her they’d have to travel to Wiltshire to see it, she was curious and asked why. Cecil replied, “Because that’s where Stonehenge is.” She answered, “You bought me Stonehenge?” He replied giddily, “Yes! Stonehenge! Isn’t it magnificent?” “A bunch of old rocks, that isn’t a diamond?” she asked, dangerously. “Yes!” he replied cluelessly. She looked at him and said, “I’ll inform the maid to put a pillow and duvet on the downstairs sofa for you, Cecil” In October 1918, Chubb made a gift of Stonehenge to the grateful nation of Britain. It was thought that Chubb muttered, “The people of Britain like it. They know how to appreciate a gift.” In November of 1918, the Chubb’s maid moved the pillow and duvet back to the Chubb’s bedroom.

As henges go, Stonehenge is one of the best. And yes, there are other henges. Avebury, Knowlton Circles, and Maumbury Rings, just to name a few. But none of them are as hengey as Stonehenge. Share Twisted-History to give a gift that will always be appreciated.

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