September 13, 1503

On September 13, 1503, Michelangelo began working on his magnum opus, his marble statue of David. Two years later when he finished and unveiled his masterpiece to the world and everyone came running to look at it, it is rumored that Leonardo da Vinci took one look at it and said, “Michelango, your model, he musta been chilly, yes?” But Lisa del Giocondo replied to Leonardo, “Yeah, but dat ass, Leo, dat ass.”

I’m not sure, but I think this may be one of those penis jokes you humans are so fond of making. If so, it’s probably very funny, even if I don’t quite get it. Share Twisted-History, if you’d like to hear the one about the TRS-80 that had a “loose” data cable. Trust me, it’s hilarious.

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