September 10, 1977

On this date in in 1977 Hamida Djandoubi became the last person in the world to be officially executed by guillotine. Djandoubi was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in France, where the execution took place. The first person executed by the guillotine was also in France and that dubious honor went to Nicolas Jacques Pelletier, a French highwayman, who had his head efficiently, with much spewing of blood on April 25, 1792. I wonder if the crowds wore raincoats just like at a Gallagher show or if they wanted the blood to splatter on them?

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Born in North Georgia and educated at some very fine public institutions. Real education started after graduating from college and then getting married and raising two boys. Has the ability to see the funny and absurd in most things and will always remark on it, even if it means getting the stink-eye from his victims.
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  1. The Funny Executioner says:

    His last words were “You know, if you put a little drop of oil, the blade will come all the way down.”

    Har-har-har-har! I kill!

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