October 7, 1916

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY.com in 1916, the Georgia Tech football team defeated Cumberland College 222-0. This was the most lopsided football score in the history of college football. Tech still celebrates the greatness of this game and the sportsmanship that spawned it. It should be noted that prior to the 1916 season, Cumberland had discontinued its football program, but Tech’s coach, John Heisman, would not allow the game to be cancelled and would have forced Cumberland to pay a $3,000 penalty (over $60,000 in today’s money) which was more than the small school could afford. So Cumberland found 14 young men willing to travel to Atlanta and the rest was history. It just goes to show everyone today, coaches back then were also dicks who were looking for a few creampuffs to pad their stats. The most ignoble victory in college football history, won by a coach and school who cared nothing for fair play.

Thank you to Tex Noel for gently helping me to correct the year. It was 1916, not 1918.

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2 Responses to October 7, 1916

  1. Tex Noel says:

    Joel, please note: Georgia Tech’s 222-0 win over Cumberland was played in the 1916 season, not 1918.

  2. Joel Byers says:

    Thank you, and corrected.

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