October 5, 1607

On October 5, 1607 Pope Paul V sent secret assassins to Venice to kill the Venetian statesman and scientist Paolo Sarpi. Why? Was it because he had invented a secret death ray using a huge magnifying glass capable of sinking ships on the open water? No. No he didn’t do that, what he did was much worse. He published papers that called for the separation of church and state. He wrote that the Catholic Church did not have the right to impose any laws or restrictions on the free city of Venice. On October 5, 1607, three assassins sent by Pope Paul V found Sarpi alone and attacked him. Sarpi survived the stabbings and the failed assassins were given succor and a pension in Rome. Sarpi lived several more years and continued to be a thorn in the side of Pope Paul V.

Sounds like another one of those Pope guys up to more shenanigans. They really need to just chill out and Share Twisted-History.

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