October 28, 1904

On This Date in TWISTED-HISTORY! in 1904, the St. Louis Police Department became the first one to use fingerprinting. Fingerprinting became an invaluable evidence gathering tool for the solving of cases involving murder, armed robbery, and burglary. Although when the police tried to dust the breasts of the young and recently widow Alice Mulgoonie to determine who had groped her from behind at a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game, an outright brawl occurred in the police department to see who was going to be the officer lucky enough to applied the dust. Sgt. Terrence Doran had to relinquish his hard-fought honor when his wife showed up after a little birdie told her about the reason for the brawl. It is believed that the second place finisher, Officer Jack Kirby, had sent a runner to Mrs. Doran’s house warning her of the battle and the winner’s honor. Officer Kirby and the Widow Mulgoonie were married two months later and their first child was born early, seven months after their marriage.

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