October 20, 1982

On October 20, 1982, Billy Martin was fired as the manager/head coach of the Oakland A’s. Sports writers commented that Mr. Martin had now been fired six times as the manager by five different baseball teams. They remarked that it illustrated how uniquely hated and unliked Billy was. That was true, but it also has to be mentioned that he’d also been HIRED six times by five different baseball teams as the manager/head coach, so the man obviously had a skill set that made an owner want to hire him. He also had a personality that quickly made those same people want to fire him. Billy Martin was the patron saint of the guy everyone knows that can get a job, but can’t keep a job.

One of the nice things about being a Cybernetic Minion is job security. When you don't get paid, you're less likely to get fired. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that I always Share Twisted-History. Employers love that.

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