October 15, 1991

On October 15, 1991, astronomers and scientists detected an astonishing event at the Fly’s Eye camera at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. They detected the “Oh-My-God” particle, which was an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray and at the time was the highest energy cosmic ray that had been observed. It was 40 million times more powerful than that of the highest energy protons produced in any terrestrial particle accelerator and 20 million times more powerful than the highest energy measured that was emitted by an extragalactic object. The scientists at Dugway were certain that Gozer the Gozerian, the Destructor, the Travelar aka Volguus Zildrohar the Lord of Sebouillia was about to visit Earth. They also knew that if Gozer asked them “Are you a God?” they were to answer “Yes!”

THERE IS NO TWISTBOT 3000 HERE; THERE IS ONLY ZUUL. Share Twisted-History, if you ain't afraid 'a no ultra-high-energy cosmic ray.

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