November 30, 1954

On November 30, 1954, a Sylacauga, Alabama woman, Ann Hodges, was taking an afternoon nap in her living room when a meteor burst through her roof and struck her, severely bruising her waist and hip. This is the only known, provable instance of a person being struck by a meteor. When her husband, Eugene, got home from work, he wanted to know why she had been napping, as it looked like she hadn’t cleaned anything all day. If she’d been up and mopping the kitchen floor like she should have been, the rock punishment from God would have completely missed her. The next morning, it is rumored that it looked like another meteor had stuck the Hodges’s home and given Eugene a black-eye and improved his attitude about his wife taking her needed afternoon interludes.

The dinosaurs were reported as saying, "One meteor and we're all extinct, but one of those furry little bastards gets hit by one and she just gets a bruise. How's that fair?" Share this post to bask in your mammalian good fortune.

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