November 21, 1676

On November 21, 1676, famous Danish astronomer Ole Romer presented the first quantitative measurement of the speed of light. He said it was “Hurtigere end smurt gåseskit” which equated to 212,000 km/s. This was amazingly close for 1676, as the actual speed of light is ”Hurtigere end et lille barns fingre” which translate to 299,792 km/s.

Del dette indlæg for at vise dine Google Translate-færdigheder.

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    I’m giving you a pass for the German or whatever it was, because you were talking about sum guy from another country where they don’t speak right, but you’re web sight would be better if you talked more about Americans. What do I care about how fast a foreigner thinks lite is, when everybody knows it’s instant. Just turn on a light too prove it. INSTANT! Especially if its some foreign “scientist” whose probably just trying to disprove the Bible or something.

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