November 13, 1956

On November 13, 1956, the US Supreme Court ruled that laws requiring race separation on buses in Alabama was unconstitutional. Mississippi pointed at Alabama and went “Huh huh, you got caught. It’s still legal here, though” and the Supreme Court said, “No, if it’s unconstitutional in Alabama, it’s also unconstitutional in Mississippi.” Tennessee raised its hand and the Supreme Court said, “Yes, it’s also unconstitutional in Tennessee.” Florida raised its hand and the Supreme Court snapped and said, “It’s unconstitutional everywhere in the United States. Everywhere.” Texas raised its hand and the Supreme Court shouted, “Are you stupid? Didn’t you hear what I just said?” Texas answered sheepishly and said, “I just wanted to be excused to go to the bathroom.” The Supreme Court glared at Texas and said, “Fine. But those bathrooms better not be separate but equal. Buses aren’t going to be the only thing desegregated.” Just so people in 2020 realize, you can’t catch being black by sitting next to a black person. It’s not like Covid and not wearing a mask in public. Being black isn’t a disease.

Twisted-History has a separate bathroom for Cybernetic Minions, but that's not because of racism; it's because high-voltage and water don't mix. Share this post, if you also prefer not to be electrocuted when you urinate.

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