May 31, 1279 BCE

On May 31, 1279 BCE, Ramesses II, also called Ramesses the Great became Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He is probably the greatest Pharaoh of the Ancient Egyptian empire. He captured territory from all of his neighbors, North, South, East, and West with his powerful armies, built many buildings and temples and lived to the ripe old age of 90. Storytellers also claim he was the Pharaoh that squared off against Moses and lost. Except, the Bible doesn’t name who the Pharaoh was in that myth. It conveniently leaves it blank. It’s like that friend you have that has a hot Canadian girlfriend. He never says what her name is. That’s how the Bible is about who the Pharaoh was. Also, in the Egyptian records, they don’t ever mention anything like the ten plagues happening, or Ramesses losing a large section of his army when the Red Sea collapsed around them. Or the fact that the Red Sea was divided in half by magic. Or the fact that around 2 million Israelite slaves left Egypt at that time, which would have collapsed its economy and prevented Ramesses II from doing any of the deeds he was recorded doing, not just by the Egyptian records, but also by the records of the Hittites, Nubians, and Syrians. In fact, the Egyptian records don’t mention anything about the Israelites living in Egypt as slaves or freemen. You’d think the Egyptian scribes would have been excited to write about all those miraculous events. It would have been remembered. Also, you’d think the writers of Exodus would have remembered the name of the most important person in Egypt, if they’d really been there. Also, that friend with the hot Canadian girlfriend, he’s going to claim her name is Lisa. Don’t be fooled. They’re all named Lisa in Canada. Shoot, I think the Pharaoh’s name was also Lisa. “And Moses said, Lisa, let my people go.”

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2 Responses to May 31, 1279 BCE

  1. Jesus is coming! says:

    For a web site suposably about history, you sure don’t know any. Atheists keep trotting out these lies about the Jews in Egypt and it keeps being debunked, but I guess I’m gonna have to do it again.

    1. There’s a very good reason Egyptian history doesn’t mention Moses or the plagues or the Israelites leaving. Pharaohs were supposed to be perfect, especially Ramses II, and everything that happened with Moses would have been a major embarrassment, so OF COURSE they didn’t write about it.
    2. The Bible is not a myth. Zeus and Apollo are myths. The Bible is FACT. Every historian and scholar who has seriously researched it with an open mind has come to that same conclusion.
    3. By your messed up logic, freeing the slaves after the Civil War should’ve “collapsed the economy” of America, but it didn’t. Atheists love to spread lies about the Civil War, so they can pretend the South was the bad guys. Why? Because the South held on to Christian values, while the North became loose and sinful, just like the atheists like it.
    4. MOSES was the most important person in Egypt at that time, not the Pharaoh. Why would the Bible record the name of a twobit Pharaoh who was totally OWNED by Moses? Simple answer, they wouldn’t and they didn’t.
    5. Your joke about Canadian girlfriends would be funny, if it wasn’t an obvious distraction from your sick atheistic lies. You pretend to “twist” the truth to be funny, but in reality, you twist the truth to support your twisted atheist agenda.

    This is what happens when atheists get hit with FACTS. Of course it won’t change your mind, because the devil has warped it with his whispered lies. Atheists and libs are just too dumb to do real research and find real facts. They just repeat what the fake media says, without bothering to fact check anything by looking it up on RELIABLE web sites that tell the TRUTH.

    I would feel sorry for you, if you weren’t doing so much damage to people’s souls.

  2. Joel Byers says:

    In response,
    1. Egyptian historians mentioned the failures of other Pharaohs, so they’d have mentioned this if it had happened.
    2. The Bible is a myth. The Flood never happened. Dinosaurs are real and did not co-exist with people. The World is more than 7,000 years old. There was no Adam and Eve. There was no garden of Eden.
    3. The South’s economy DID collapse and did not recover until the 1950s.
    4. See number 2.
    5. What’s the name of YOUR Canadian girlfriend?

    and as a bonus

    6. If God is real, why does an all-knowing, all-powerful God need you to defend him? Can’t an all-knowing, all powerful deity do his own talking? Why need a poorly written book with so many contradictions and outright horrible deeds and laws? Such a deity could just PUT that knowledge in every single persons head.

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