May 30, 1959

On This Date in! in 1959 the first full size hovercraft, the SR-N1, was launched and tested at Cowes on the Isle of Wight off the coast of England. According to Sir Christopher Cockerell, the designer, it remained eel free during the entire test.

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One Response to May 30, 1959

  1. Drunk Commenter says:

    Remmber when we use to have twists and history ever dsingle day? EVERY SINGEL DAY??? Cos I do. I remember it. I don remembet what I ate for breakfasst except i had beer with whateverit was. But I remember gong here and see a new one today and tomorrw and soon and so on. But not anymore. and that bumbs me out.

    I mean look at this one! I’m not even sure that hoverscraft is reaally a real thing even but then free eels! I mean that’s just too funny! What kind a person makes up a thing like hovercraf and then puts free eels too? That’s TWISTSED! I think mabey hovercraft is like a hover board or something but it sounds funnier and thats what makes is a twisted history! Then plus the ells too and you have the hole joke.

    We fon’t get neq funny like that any more every day any more, and I missit.

    I’m go have an other drink which what I was going anyway but I will. especially sinze now and everything. abd tgere usb;t, Least me have the old one we can go back, right?

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