May 30, 1842

On May 30, 1842, England’s little portly Queen Victoria proved to be quite the badass. On May 29, while she and her husband, Prince Albert were travelling by carriage down Constitution Hill, a man jumped up and pointed a pistol at the Queen, but for some odd reason, did not fire. Unfortunately, this man escaped before police could capture him. So, on May 30, Queen Victoria and her husband decided to give the assassin another chance. They drove the same exact route, hoping to lure the man out and it worked. The assassin, John Francis, tried again. This time he got the shot off and missed, but the plain clothes policemen were there and quickly seized him. How many Presidents or world leaders today would have the balls to do that. Use themselves as bait. Queen Victoria, a ballsy dame.

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Born in North Georgia and educated at some very fine public institutions. Real education started after graduating from college and then getting married and raising two boys. Has the ability to see the funny and absurd in most things and will always remark on it, even if it means getting the stink-eye from his victims.
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