May 29, 1660

On This Date in! in 1660 Charles II was restored to the English Throne after the Puritan Commonwealth was overthrown by the people of England. Oliver Cromwell took over England in 1649 and instituted a very religious, dour government based upon Puritan principles that frowned on people having fun, like dancing, drinking, singing, and enjoying each others’ company. When Oliver died in 1648 his son Richard Cromwell, who was also a Puritan and disapproved of fun, assumed leadership of England. Charles II was in France dancing and drinking and having a ball of a time and the people of England saw and heard about that and decided they wanted some of that fun. So they kicked out the Puritans and invited Charles II to come back to England and take the throne that was usurped from his father. He did and England partied for months. The Puritans were slearching around looking all sad-faced and unhappy and telling everyone that God was going to punish them for sinning, which is the same exact thing they did before they were thrown out of power. Those sins included smiling, singing a song that was not about God, drinking, drinking to excess, smoking, eating tasty food and fornicating. God did not smite England, which really pissed the Puritans off and many decided to go live in America with the others who settled there in the 1640s.


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