May 18, 1949

On May 18, 1949, Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA) was incorporated. Members of the Association agreed to self-police in the selling of certain manuscripts to the general public. It was agreed that all works by Abdul Alhazred were to be sold only to certified representatives of an accredited university that had a library certified in the containment of dangerous works. Also, all copies of The King in Yellow were to be stored in a locked safe immediately when purchased and no attempt at reading the copies was to be undertaken to verify their authenticity. That was to be left to the trained agents of the ABAA. Any sales of grimoires were to be strictly regulated, and exceptions for seventh sons of seventh sons, was to be checked against the ABAAs database before a sale could be completed. Since the incorporation of the ABAA and its rules and regulations, the accidental triggering of apocalyptic prophesies and near-world destruction by other-dimensional entities has been reduced by a staggering 73%.

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