May 17, 2004

On May 17, 2004, the first legal same-sex marriage was performed in the United States in the state of Massachusetts. The “Wrath of God” did not immediately happen as foretold by conservative religious leaders. Cats and dogs were found living together, but they have been for thousands of years. I mean, dogs will let anyone live with them, just as long as their access to the food dish is not impeded. Besides, the United States didn’t suffer any plagues immediately after the first gay marriage. That didn’t happen until after Trump was elected. The Flying Cthulhuian Spaghetti Monster doesn’t like it when someone’s a bigger asshole than him.

About Joel Byers

Born in North Georgia and educated at some very fine public institutions. Real education started after graduating from college and then getting married and raising two boys. Has the ability to see the funny and absurd in most things and will always remark on it, even if it means getting the stink-eye from his victims.
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