March 7, 1912

On March 7, 1912, famed Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen announced the discovery of the South Pole. The exploration team and Roald all documented how the wind on this day seemed to whisper tekeli-li over and over. His family and friends said that he was never the same upon his return. He developed a strange fascination for artwork and sculptures that featured octopi and eyes. Roald continued to explore other artic regions for the rest of his life until his disappearance in the Barents Sea on June 18, 1928.

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  1. Sir Walter R’lyeh says:

    In every generation, there are those who do not heed the warnings — to their eternal regret. Venture not into the hidden places, for they are hidden for a reason. Cruel, ancient creatures sleep under the veil of shadows. Wake them at your own peril, and do not attempt to venture beyond the ice wall that encircles our world, lest you bring upon yourself grave misfortune, and doom us all!

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